The Cutting Edge.

RedDecimal currently advises numerous national and emerging beverage brands, contract manufacturers, and innovative material vendors across North America. The firm provides industry-leading manufacturing advisory expertise in:

Beverage Types
• Low Acid Aseptic
• Low Acid ESL
• Low Acid Retort
• High Acid Cold Fill
• High Acid Hot Fill
• Non-Alcoholic
• Alcoholic

Packaging Styles
• Aluminum Cans
• Glass Bottles
• PET & RPET Bottles
• Form, Fill, and Seal (Tetra / Sig)

• Pasteurization (HTST, UHT, In-package)
• Low Acid Processing (Homogenization, Stabilization)
• Non-alcoholic Fermentation (Kombucha, Vinegar)
• Alcoholic Fermentation (Beer, Wine, Spirits)
• Blending & Carbonation / Nitrogenation Systems
• CIP Systems